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Who we are

PRemium Image is a young company where the founders transferred their ten years expertise in the field of public relations in order to use all forms of communication to inform, persuade or remind people about the services or products of their clients or to improve their image!

How we work

PRemium Image is a company specialized in public relations. The young and ambitious team approaches projects with expertise and with the desire to create achievements in the world oof public relations. From the very beginning we collaborate with renowned national and international companies by providing them with a wide range of services in the field of public relations.

What we do

PRemium Image bases its business on the expertise and examination of the needs of their clients. We continuously develop our own knowledge and competences, strictly following the rules of the profession. We are fully committed to our customers with whom we are building long-term relationships. We are paying close attention to creative and original event management, the organisation of various events.

Without communication, by creating an image in the public, you cannot be successful. The same is also valid if you do not fulfil the other tasks of public relations: the modification and development of culture, habits, customs and rules of conduct.

Image is everything


PRemium Image offers a full range of services in the field of public relations and consulting in the design of plans and the implementation of specific activities, in order to establish and improve your image.

Image is everything

Public relations

Public relations a conversation between two interested parties in a public space. For this conversation to succeed brands need to listen, they need to engage and fit in, provide good content, foster communication and build relationships. They should also know how to protect their reputation and how to manage crises which can sometimes be caused by only one comment, announcement or review of a dissatisfied user.

By communicating corporate values and the vision, the corporate culture is strengthened and the employees are identifying more with the company. With the development of a two-way communication with involved stakeholders, the company builds and manages its reputation and creates conditions for achieving business interests.

Media relations

Image building

Reputation building


Internal communication

Planning and organisation of internal trainings

Internal publications

Image is everything

Event management

The organisation of events represents a very effective PR tool, which allows direct communication with the target audience. Messages sent by a company, organisation or individual are being transmitted directly and feedback can be obtained from the target audience. Thus, the organisation of special events is particularly important in the field of public relations, and depending on the occasion, it can be an indispensable communication channel.

Image is everything

Product and brand communication

Communicating a product and the brand PR, via online or offline media, is a particularly important part of the positioning cycle of any product offered to the public - in the case of products already on the market or in the case of completely new products.
The careful planning and implementation of the communication of the product value, as well as the application of PR tools greatly contributes to building awareness and recognition among consumers and the brand positioning.

  • Creating communication strategies and positioning of products on the market
  • Development of plans and communication tools
  • Communication towards media and other target groups

Image is everything

Integrated communication

Developing concepts of effective integrated communication campaigns using different communication disciplines, tools and channels.
Integrated communication is a grouping of communication channels, combining marketing and PR tools, as well as other communication areas. Integrated communication, as such, represents power and communication of the future..

Image is everything

Management and consulting on the Internet and social networks

Web design and web development

A website should be the mirror of your company and brand and we can offer you to design your new, innovative, modern website.

Regardless of the size of your company, we offer solutions specially created according to the needs and specifications of the user that will allow a creative and quality presentation of the business.

Using the latest technology we ensure universal accessibility of content, faster upload of pages and the websites are available to everyone, optimized for internet browsers and are easy to use.

Additional services:

  • website maintenance – changes, additions, small corrections of the applications and everything that keeps your website and application alive and contemporary
  • text editing –should you have problems with the adjustments of texts for your website and search engines, we can help to make the necessary adjustments
  • consulting – when designing a website, a service or a portal, we offer consultancy and guidance through the process
  • photo creating and editing – we can offer you to take professional photos and edit them for your website


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Join the new possibilities of marketing through social networks and create an inestimable online community that will increase your online presence. For you we conduct campaigns on:

If you have your own Facebook page then you add us as administrator of your pages. Day-to-day, from Monday to Sunday we are posting news on your page (your offers, events, discounts, pictures, interesting quotes...). We are creating events and sending them out to users of your page and customers of our agency (an event can be a happening in the near future, a tournament, an appeal to participate in a competition etc.). We are adding daily content that can help to promote and increase your business activity. We are adding multimedia content (various pictures and videos). We are promoting your business from Monday to Sunday, it is important that you are active, so that your posts can be shared and are visible.

  • Open a Facebook page
  • Interesting content – maintain page, fill it with interesting content (data, photos etc. – provided by the company)
  • Facebook advertising: promotion of posts (sponsored stories), Facebook ads
  • Reporting of attendance of Facebook page

InstagramInstagram is a social network that is growing day by day and increasing the number of users. This social network, which is based primarily on photo sharing, is not only important for merchants, owners of local restaurants or travel agencies; it is today one of the most powerful tools for building a brand and is thus important for all types of business ventures. Instagram has become a place where users find the visual identity of a company. Without a constant presence on this social network, entrepreneurs risk being ignored or forgotten, especially by a new generation of young customers. We will for you:

  • Open an Instagram page
  • Maintain the page - fill it with content, photos, videos, story
  • Instagram advertising: promote posts (sponsored stories)
  • Create an Instagram page traffic report

This is a social network much less frequented than Facebook and has a different purpose, used by serious users of social networksa for networking and exchange of business and personal experiences in order to improve their own business and personal development. Twitter is a great tool for those companies that care about their customers because in that way they have a quality link and receive feedback in real time. We offer our clients opening and maintaining of Twitter account and creating a consumer network of mutual benefit, because the consumer gets a better service and the company a satisfied customer.

LinkedIn pages for companies enable businesses to display their brand and connect with the target group. It is the central place to gather millions of people looking for new opportunities or new employment. LinkedIn, as a network with mostly business contacts and information is ideal for B2B connections with the target groups of potential customers, employees and partners. LinkedIn is recommended to advertisers targeting B2B segment advertising within a region, as the network is popularized within business circles and in this way they can gain many contacts in a financially very favourable way.
Services we can offer you:

  • Publication of content
  • Creating a group and increase of user numbers
  • Opening and managing groups

The most popular Internet Service for exchanging video content, where users can upload, view and rate videos. YouTube as a free media became a means of promotion for a large number of companies and their services. A picture speaks a thousand words, a video more than a million. Take advantage of this medium for your promotion, you will definitely not regret it. The Youtube community currently counts 800 million users, which is a very good indicator of its value as a channel for promotion. The main advantage of YouTube is the ability to market video content that will attract visitors, and as such will be shared among users on their channels or social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like. With regard to YouTube promotion, we provide the following services:

  • Registration and elaboration of personalized channel (logo, characteristic background design, quality video and textual content)
  • Suggesting and elaborating video content that will introduce your company
  • Managing the channel (monitoring comments, placement of new content, suggesting new content based on user interests)
  • Managing statistics (channel visits, most viewed videos…)

E-newsletter (mailing list, electronic bulletin) is an electronic publication sent out via electronic mail. It almost always contains useful content, whether the topic is promotion, sales, information or education.

  • Compose newsletter: goals, concepts and format of content, periodical sending, privacy policy…
  • Design and elaboration of newsletter: attractive and according to your brand but then also aligned adjusted to e-mail as media
  • Elaboration of every new edition based on your material
  • Testing and sending out of newsletter
  • Attraction of new subscribers and converting them into customers

A blog you can promote on your website and on all open social networks. The promotion of content of the website and blog pages on social networks is an effective way to increase visibility, attract visitors and potential customers. Each post on the blog site is new content that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks and it creates the opportunity that potential customers learn about you, your products or current events in your company.

  • Opening of a blog according to your brand
  • Composing content
  • Promotion of the blog on social networks

Image is everything

Education and training

In our work we pay special attention to education, especially the education of clients and professionals in public relations, management and corporate management.

We organize trainings and workshops and offer also individual training as preparation for public appearances.

Image is everything

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